How much money do you actually make via Blogging?

How much money do you make by blogging? This is the kind of question that I always get either from people around me or email. And the answer that I always give is “not much but enough to survive.” Honestly, the income that I generate from blogging varies. Sometimes you’ll feel that you must be doing something right as the income is increasing. Sometimes you just don’t know what you did that causes the drop in revenue. Well, one thing for sure. If I hope to generate a stable income, I need to create multiple source of income online. Trying to make money online via blogging alone is just not enough.

Just do a survey online on bloggers about the total amount of money earn per month. I’m sure lots of people are not making more than $100. Only a minority of bloggers are able to make enough money online to support their daily expenses and go full time. But still we continue to see many people trying to make money online by blogging. Is it really worth trying? Well, the cost is low. But you will have to put in lots of effort and time. It is definitely more difficult to achieve success compare to 10 years ago. Is it too late to start making money blogging? Well, it’s never too late to do anything. It’s actually depends on how you do it.

Before you actually able to make a lot of money via blogging, you will most probably making less than $10 per month. So it is going to take a long time before you can actually increase your earnings.



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