How long should we be working in a day?

Currently most of us are working 40 hours per week. Basically it is a 9 to 5 daily job with 8 hours of working time per day. That is basically the time which you will be spending in the company when you are working. If you are an entrepreneur or be your own boss, there won’t be such rules or restriction of time you should be working. Which is better?

Honestly I think it depends on individual and their work performance. If a person is discipline and able to complete the work without any supervision, there is no reason to restrict the working hour. A flexible working hour can help to improve work efficiency and the quality of life. Especially when a person is married and have couple of kids, they might need to adjust their working hour so that they can manage their family properly while attending to their work. If an employee needs to sacrifice their family for work, they might not be around for long.

When you are given the responsibility of an important job, the normal working hour doesn’t actually apply. You have to be able to deal with the problems as soon as possible any time. Your priority is to get things done on schedule. We usually seen this when a person holds a higher position in a company.

So how long should we be working in a day? You should be working as long as possible when needed to get things done. If you are tired, get rest. If you are hungry, get some food. If you are sleepy, get some sleep. You need to maintain your body healthy so that you can continue to do the work at best. Remember that if work is not done, you won’t be making any money or getting pay. We set the daily working hour so that we can concentrate and focus on our work. It is just a reference for us to work better. If it does not help in our work, we shouldn’t be following it blindly.



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