How do you define good quality content in your blog?

What does it mean by good quality content? How does Google determine if the blog has good quality content? Do you think your definition of Good quality content is the same as Google? These are some of the questions that I have been asking for a long time. If you are saying Wikipedia is one of the good examples of having good quality content, you are certainly right. But if you are asking me to blog like Wikipedia, you can forget about it. I’ll be bored to death before I get to finish my first blog post.

In my opinion if readers or audiences are able to find the blog post interesting and helpful, it can be consider as good quality content. Of cause the basic grammar and spelling has to be correct so that readers are able to catch what you are trying to say. The language rules are there to make sure that people understand what we are trying to blog. But that does not meant we have to follow the rules completely. Sometimes you can bend the rules to bring out the best of language. It can be fun and interesting if you do it right.

The suggestion above is really fun to try out but Google search engine might not favor it. You might lose some traffic if Google decided to rank your blog or site lower. But at the other hand, readers or audiences might find your unique way of interpretation interesting and fun. If you are not getting much traffic from Google search engine, perhaps there is no harm trying it out.



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