How do you deal with people who complain about your blog?

Regardless of how good you are able to create your blog, there will still be people complaining about your blog. Nothing is perfect and that includes your blog. People can still find something to complain about if they are seriously trying to pick on your blog. Since we can’t stop people from complaining, mind as well find a way to make good use of it.

I will probably listen to what they have to say, at least once. Sometimes they might just give us some ideas on how to further improve our blog. The first step of solving a problem is to admit there is a problem. Sometimes we might be too proud of our blog which preventing us of acknowledging there are problems with our blog. I suppose we just need others to tell us straight in the face. Probably one complain won’t do it. Sometimes the complaint might not be realistic but there is no harm listening. Remember that usually great ideas come from unrealistic complain.

The worst thing that can happen to a blog is nobody is bothered to complain or talk about it. That is basically saying people do not care or pay attention to the blog. People have to be either love or hate your blog to be good.



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