Holiday Seasons and Money Making Opportunities

Holiday seasons are the best time to make money if you’re running businesses like selling products, services and food. The money making opportunities are much greater than other normal ordinary days. I suppose most people know this simple concept, especially for those businessmen and entrepreneurs. The question is do you choose to work or taking the days off during the holiday seasons?

If you choose to work, no doubt you’ll be making more money than normal days. That’s because there are less competitors during the holiday seasons and customers don’t have much choices during that period of time. Plus, people tend to spend a lot more during holiday seasons. Especially during Christmas and New Year holiday season as that’s the time when yearend bonus are distribute. That’s the time when people have the most buying power as they have lots of cash in hand. Even if you’re just a regular employee who choose to work during holiday seasons, the salary paid is double or triple during that period.

If you choose not to work and taking the day off to spend the time with your family, friends and your love one, you’ll miss the opportunities to make lots of money. Is it worth doing so? That depends on which is much important to you, making money or spending quality time with your love ones. But then here’s another question that I like to ask. Is there a way which I can make money during the holiday seasons while spending quality time with my love ones? What are the chances which I can have it both ways?

As you know that I’m constantly in pursuit of money making opportunities online and determine to write at least one post per day for this blog. Plus this is not the only blog that I maintain and keep up with the blogging schedule, I’m actually writing at least 3~4 blog post per day. If I decided to take some day off during the holiday seasons, I need to write several blog posts ahead so that I can keep up with my blogging schedule. Lucky for me as this is just a simple task because all I need to do is write more than usual before the holidays so that I have enough blog posts to cover my day off. Besides, blogging is a very enjoying activity for me. It actually does not feel or smells like work to me. Although it’s holiday seasons and a declared day off for me, there is always time for blogging for me. I don’t need a lot of time, a specific work place or having a sense of working mindset to do what I love to do and used to do. All I need is a computer with the online capability and I’m set to write and blog.

Isn’t it nice to be able to work and make a living this way? No doubt this is the lifestyle that I love.



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2 Responses to “Holiday Seasons and Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Audrie says:

    I agree, but promotion need to be started a couple a weeks earlier for maximum exposures and profit. For sure holidays are the best time to monetize any project.

  2. Roger says:

    Definitely every holiday can be turned in good money opportunity for online businesses. A newsletter, a promo, paid advertising can help you make more money.