Holding a Low Pay Full Time Job Still Can Become a Millionaire

An article form Yahoo title 5 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires really inspires and motivates me. Let me just summaries the main content before I share my thoughts.

Anybody can become Millionaire. There’s no reason you can’t. You might be surprise that some people around you are actually millionaire. They live the same life style just like you. The advantage of being rich is having the freedom to make almost any decision. That is why some people choose not to show it out. They are more focus on the freedom that money brings. The first secret of self made millionaire is Set your sights on where you’re going. Think big and believe that you’ll success and become rich. Second secret of self made millionaire is Educate yourself. If you don’t know and don’t understand, study and learn it up. The only person that can stop you from learning to earn more money and become rich is yourself. Third secret of self made millionaire is Passion pays off. Always focus on your passion, not on the paycheck. Forth secret of self made millionaire is Grow your money. Avoid living paycheck to paycheck. Practice investments that grow money. Put money in places that it will work for us. Fifth secret of self made millionaire is No guts, no glory. There’s always a certain risk in the path of success and become rich. We just have to understand the risk and manage it, and of cause willing to take on the challenge. Finally every millionaire spoke in the article don’t spend needlessly.

You may check out the article for the detail story of some of the millionaires. It’s much more inspired and motivating knowing how they get to the millionaire spot from scratch. After reading the article, do you think you have a chance to become a millionaire? I think it’s just a matter of how you choose to spend your money, your attitude and the lifestyle you choose to live. Basically if you can

  • Use a portion of your earning on investment
  • Continue learning about investment
  • Stop spending needlessly
  • Believing in yourself and the possibility

I’m sure you’ll reach the millionaire spot sooner or later. There are lots of investments available nowadays. You just have to choose one that you’re passion about. This is not a get rich fast scheme. You built your million dollar empire bits by bits day by day. If you can reach it within 10 to 20 years, will you do it? Calculating the risks involve and the time it takes, I’m sure many will take on this path. By the way I miss out one very important point – work hard and never give up.



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