Holding a full time job while trying to make money online blogging might be the best

I think it is best to have a full time job while trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online blogging. Especially if you are just starting to make money online, don’t quit your full time job just yet. There are a few reasons and benefits to hold on to your full time job.

At the beginning, you won’t be making enough money blogging to sustain your daily life. Even if you manage to make some money, the income is not stable. Thus you should hold on to your full time job for some time until you manage to make a stable income blogging. Your pay check also serves as a passport in many occasions for example when you are trying to purchase a house and get a loan.  As an employee you are also benefits from pension plan, health insurance and maybe some profit sharing plans. When you pay your tax, you will gain benefits even if your salary is low. Thus why not hang on to your full time job as long as you can while working on your blog or website.

Your full time job is not just the source of your income. It is also the source of your blog content. I’m sure you have a lot of things to say about your job and the people that you met while doing your job. Your thoughts and opinion can be translated into your blog content. Instead of complaining about it, try coming out with some suggestions or ideas on how to improve things around and blog about it. You can even try coming out with some solutions for the problems you are facing at work. I’m sure many people around the world are facing similar issues or problems just like you. Your experience at work can be a good resource for your blog content.



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