Hobbies to make you smarter

Lately I found an infographic that shows 5 hobbies that can make you smarter. You may check out the infographic below. The 5 hobbies introduced are exercising, playing musical instrument, playing video games, learning new language and reading. I’m not so sure about this but I kind of doubt it can make a person become smarter. But I do agree that these activities can stimulate our brain cells nicely. Our brain is just like a computer. You need to make sure the software and hardware are up to date. You need to run it regularly to make sure that it performs smoothly without any faulty issue. You also need to input or upload useful information or knowledge so that is can be useful. Apart from the 5 hobbies mentioned, other similar hobbies such as writing, drawing, designing or activities related to creating too can make you smarter. There is one thing that I’m certain. If you do not use your brain often, it might cease functioning slowly.




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