High Click Through Rate from Mobile Site can still make money… for now

The latest and hottest money making opportunities online are mostly related to mobile site or apps. If the mobile site or apps created is able to pull in lots of traffic, it is for sure that publishers can make money from the high click through rate. Part of the reasons of getting high click through rate might be due to the small display screen. It is said that users tend to make lots of accidental clicks when using thumb instead of smaller finger to navigate. As implementing ads on mobile site is still a new thing for both advertisers and publishers, accidental or fraudulent clicks are expected to be high. Check out the blog post title “Report: 40% of Clicks On Mobile Ads Are Fraudulent Or Accidental” from Marketing Land. Although the post did not actually confirm the figure 40% is correct, it does make sense that most of the clicks are fraudulent or accidental. If we take a look back at the initial launched of Google Adsense, it is the same situation we are going through now but with a small screen size.

If your mobile site is currently making lots of money, it is best to make use of the money and start searching for alternative source of income. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Once advertising companies starting to clean up fraudulent and accidental clicks, we will definitely see a drop in earnings. I’m guessing it will be something similar with sites getting smart pricing by Google. If you are hoping to make money online continuously, do not stop pursuing for money making opportunities online. Even if you have successfully create a source of income with mobile site, there is not guarantee revenue will continue to increase. Start creating multiple source of income now if you are currently making good money via mobile site.



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