Have you ever wonder where your money goes?

Have you ever wonder where you spend your money? Have you thought about why there isn’t much money left for saving every month? You didn’t buy anything expensive but still it seems like money is leaking away from your pocket. If you are trying to figure out why there isn’t much money left in your bank account, perhaps you need to take a closer look at your daily lifestyle.

In most cases it is your spending habit which causes a leakage in your bank account. You have to pay attention to your daily expenditure in order to stop the leakage. Below are some of the things which you can do or adjust to reduce unnecessary expenditure.

Stop getting morning coffee from Starbuck or any other coffee shop. It might seem not much money getting that cup of coffee, but it will be if you are getting it every day. Just do a brief calculation and you’ll realize that you are actually spending about hundred dollars per month for coffee only.

Stop owning money to Credit Card Company. If you are going to use credit cards, make sure that you pay your debt in full by the end of month. Those late charges and penalties for not paying in full amount can stack up into a lot of money. If you are not careful, you might end up paying a lot of unnecessary charges.

Make full use of your internet line. You don’t need a cable TV if you are watching most of your movies and drams online. You don’t need to buy newspapers if you are watching and reading news online. You can reduce your phone calls bill by using free internet messages and chat like WhatsApp. You can do your shopping online without driving to the market or shopping center. This will save you a lot of trouble, time and expenditure.

There are still a lot of suggestions which I haven’t mentioned but I think this should be enough for start. You should be able to see some money in your pocket at the end of the month. That is if you practice and carry out the suggestion above seriously. Just try it out for couple of month and you’ll see the result. This is basically adjusting and tuning our lifestyle to save money. Or shall I say “reducing the unnecessary expenditure”



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