Google Updating Page Rank in Sept or Oct?

Lately I seem to keep on stumbling on question regarding “when is Google updating Page Rank?” It turns out there hasn’t been any major update on Google Page Rank since April. Many people are looking forward for a major Google Page Rank update soon. The truth is only Google knows when and the top search engine company is not going to tell us when. Does Google Page Rank really matters and does it affects much for online business?

Honestly I think it depends on how we make use of Google Page Rank. I suppose the most profitable usage is making use of Google Page Rank to sell blogs or Website. A blog or website with Google Page Rank 3 is worth a lot more than blogs or website with Google Page Rank 1. Before Google Updates Page Rank, blogs or website are created and built with contents and backlinks. The blogs or websites are well prepared to at least obtain a Page Rank 2 or 3 when Google update Page Rank. Once Google finishes updating Page Rank, these blogs or websites are than sold immediately according to the Page Rank obtain. The same process is than repeated again and again. It’s a business where blogs and websites are created and sold. Google Page Rank in this situation can affect the price of the blog or website.

As for blog or website owner, the effects of Google Page Rank vary depending on the topic of the blog or website. The most obvious effects are the increase of traffic driven by Google Search Engine. But still we won’t see much significant. Blog or website can receive high traffic even with Google Page Rank as low as 2 or 1. All we have to do is work on the keywords and obtain first spot in search engine results. Even with just one keyword in first spot search engine result will brings lots of traffic.

Although we are advice not to worry so much about Google Page Rank, it still serves as a meter to judge and rate your blog popularity. Below is an image that I found at Zippy Cart which explains Google Page Rank. It’s interesting as Google Page Rank is described as a popularity contest running for a prom king.

[Via: ZippyCart Shopping Cart Reviews]
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6 Responses to “Google Updating Page Rank in Sept or Oct?”

  1. David says:

    That’s a great chart! Do you think its important to comment on .edu sites?

  2. Kumo says:

    I think commenting itself is important regardless of which site comments are place.

  3. George says:

    I believe that Google have completely abandon the importance of PR. You are absolutely right, this only matters when you are selling links or flipping website. In the last 1 year Google is always late with scheduled PR updates and more often I can see low PR websites with high SERP in top 10 results.

  4. Kumo says:

    I think Google has improve or evolve the idea of Page Rank into a meter which people can’t take advantage on it. No doubt Google Page Rank still is a guide of how popular our blog is, but we don’t have to rely on the page rank to survive.

  5. Steve J says:

    Google hasn’t abandoned PR. What Matt Cutts keeps saying these days is that there are some 200 factors that goes into determining your position on the SERPs, and PR is just one of them. Here’s a video of Matt describing specifically when they release PR updates, which is about every 3-4 months:

  6. Kumo says:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s just that Google hasn’t been updating PR for a long time. We just have to wait and see.