Google update feature phone crawling and indexing that might affect your money making opportunities

As always Google will keeps on making changes from time to time. Sometimes they might not even announces it if the changes are minor. But if you monitor your blog closely and produce blog content every day, you will still notice the slight changes. The earnings, traffic source and search ranking will change with any updates or changes from Google. As usually Google announces another update on their blog post title “Au update on Google’s feature-phone crawling & indexing” from Google Official Google Webmaster Central blog. I think most people are not even sure about the updates. I suppose there are just too many updates and changes. There is one thing for sure. We have to prepare to make changes according to the update from Google if we hope to make money online successfully.

Retired the feature-phone Googlebot

Use “handheld” link annotations for dynamic serving of feature-phone content

Retiring feature-phone tools in Search Console

The above are the updates. We will definitely witness some changes on Google search engine. Surely we do not know how much it will affect our site. We just have to watch and monitor closely. We might be able to understand the updates carry out by Google but it is impossible to predict the impact towards our blog or site. Don’t worry if your earning drops as it might just a temporary sign. As long as you keep on producing content to your blog or site, you will still be able to make money later on.

In my opinion, it is better to focus on creating content as this is the one thing that benefits our site always.



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