Google, Text Link Ads, PayPerPost and Page rank

Lately we have seen and experience a lot of changes from Google. First was the Google Adsense and then the page rank. Then there was news about Google going after Text Link Ads and then later on PayPerPost. To me this is all about money. If Text Link Ads and PayPerPost weren’t pulling a good deal of money, they will be left a side.

As for us blogger, where do we stand? I think if you start out blogging because of interest and wanted to share then you shouldn’t be worry so much. Unless you blog because of money then you might be disturb be these event. But still I don’t think that you’ll be eliminated from the changes. Beside these companies need bloggers for their business. They might set the rules so that you won’t earn that easily, but if you are good in blogging then it won’t affect you. You are able to earn money from your blog not because of these company, but because your blog attracts a lot of readers. Thus many advertising company will come to you.

If your blog is not affected by these changes, there can be 2 possibilities. Either your blog is earning a lot from multiple source of income or your blog is not earning that much to be affected.



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