Google seems to remove the right hand sidebar ads

It seems that Google are making some changes on the ads display on their search result. I notice that the right hand sidebar ads are gone for good. This will eventually affects a lot of sites and the earning potential of publisher. Any tweaks and tuning on Google ads might impact your earning if you rely mostly on Google AdSense for your online income. Google haven’t release any official statement regarding this change yet but many people are already discussing about it. According to some blog posts and publishers, the change will affect long tail and niche search.

But if you are mostly relying on mobile sites or YouTube video clips to generate Google AdSense income, you are within the safe zone because this change only affects desktop search results pages. I suppose we should be focusing on Mobile site and YouTube videos as these are the areas Google will be working on and improving for the coming years.

We will continue to see a lot of changes from Google. If you are hoping to continue pursuit for money making opportunities online, relying only on Google AdSense might not enough. Especially if you are hoping to generate a stable income every month, you need to build as least couple more online source of income.



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