Google scans almost everything to serve up ads

Lately there is news about Google decided not to scan our emails in order to serve up advertisements. This may sounds like good news but it also triggers me to question how much information Google has gather in order to serve up ads. If you have been paying attention to the latest update of YouTube on your smartphone, you probably notice that the latest update is trying to gain access to your personal information. One of the things which YouTube update is trying to gain access is SMS. Obviously the purpose is to gather more information about you so that YouTube can serve better targeting advertisement. Honestly, I don’t really feel comfortable about this. This is why I am using 2 mobile phones instead of 1. Usually most people tend to use one phone for personal matter and the other phone for businesses. In my case, the separation of usage is a bit different.

The first main smartphone will be mainly for communication purposes. Only a handful of apps are installed and usually are for work and communication purposes. Internet is available but it is mainly for communication purposes. Surfing activity will only be carrying out on the 2nd smartphone. The 2nd smartphone will not carry any phone number. It is mainly for online surfing, watching YouTube, social media and testing out new apps. The reason for this separation is because most of the apps which we install tend to gain access to information available in the phone. That means your actions, activities and locations are monitor. Although they claim that the purpose is to serve you better, that is just half the truth. Remember that at the end of the day, these apps are there to make money. They are not design for charity or to do voluntary work. They also claim that the information obtain is safe and secure. But we all know that there is no such thing as 100% safe and secure. If you really want to make sure that your personal information is completely 100% safe and secure, the best way it not to put it into your smartphone and don’t let any apps access your information.



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