Google Presents AdSense 101 which most people already know

I still remember the day when I try to apply for a Google AdSense account. Back in the old days, everything was simple and easy. Your Google AdSense account can be easily approved as long as you own a blog which is few months old. The next thing you have to do is try not to lose your account because you won’t be getting a second chance at all. Check out the blog post title “AdSense 101: What you need to know” from Google Inside AdSense.

It seems like it is getting harder to apply for a Google AdSense account. Over the years the rules of getting approval have change and you will have to work harder to get approval. This is good because Google AdSense makes sure that your site or blog is well prepared. In other words, the quality of your blog or site is up to the standard and getting certain amount of traffic. You should be able to make some money right away once getting approval from Google AdSense.

Regardless of how much money you are able to earn from Google AdSense, try not to do anything strange to maximize your earning. If you are not sure your action will violates Google AdSense policy, check and read through it before making any move. Once you lose your Google AdSense account, it will be permanent forever.



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