Google now connecting companies and job seekers

It is actually a predictable step taken by Google as Google starting to expand their web into other territories. Google started off with simple search engine but has begun to grow into a huge company which involves in various products. Now that Google has a strong financial status, the company is starting to buy other companies which have potential to grow big in collaboration with their search engine. YouTube is one of the examples which currently become one of the most popular features. So what’s next? Check out the blog post title “Connect to job seekers with Google Search” from Google Webmaster Central Blog. It seems that Google is intended to help job seekers looking for suitable jobs.

This actually sounds like the next step Google will take after creating Google My Business. Google My Business helps local business owners to promote and introduce their business on Google Map and enable customers to find the location of the business easily. Once businesses start to grow, companies will have to hire more people to handle the growing work volume. Instead of spending money posting job hiring notice on newspapers or other online job website, companies can just post it out on their own Google My Business page. This is actually a good idea especially for jobs which are intended for local residents and short term. A search on Google map can easily reveal open jobs available which is close to the place the job seeker is staying. Given the fact that Google is on top of the game for search engine, it makes it easier for job seekers to connect with the right suitable companies.

Judging by the rate and direction Google is growing, the company will continue to reach out to new territories and monopolize it. I’m not saying other companies won’t stand a chance but it will be tough going against Google.



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