Google Now and Apple Siri voice commands will be a big factor when creating Blog or Website

I heard about Google Now and Apple Siri’s voice commanding but I never thought about how convenience it can be. Especially after watching the video clip above, I’m sure the voice commanding feature will be the main trend in future either on the smartphone, tablet or laptop. Instead of using keyboard or touch screen, users will be using voice command to search or surf online. This makes me think about the differences and the things that might affect blogs or websites.

By using voice command via smartphone, it is definitely easy, fast and convenient. When it comes to web design especially for mobile site, we need to consider the possibility that smartphone users might be using voice command. In order for smartphone users to remember the name of the mobile site, the title or the name of the mobile site needs to be short, simple and easy to pronounce. The criteria is almost the same as creating a site but with a little bit of improvement. When we factor in the possibility that smartphone users will be using voice command to search for our website or blog, we need to consider two things. We need to think about how smartphone users remember the blog or site name and the keywords they use to say it out when searching for our blog or site. The second thing to consider is how Google Now is able to present our blog or site as the required answer.

Take a look at some of the voice commands available:

Search for “Money”
What is “Money”
Where is the closes place to get “Money”
Go to “Money”
Show me “Money”
Picture of “Money”
Video of “Money”

Judging by the above voice commands, we can place information within Google products which can lead to our website or blog. Pictures and videos can serve as a good way to increase the opportunity for smartphone users to find our site or blog. And if you are trying to promote your business blog or website which has a physical address, clam your Google Places for Business. Smartphone users might use the voice command such as “Where is the nearest money making company?” Your blog or site will show up if your location or address has been verified on Google map.

The voice command feature is still considered new but it won’t be long as smartphone users will try to make full use of it for conveniences. If your blog or site is targeting smartphone readers, it is best to adjust accordingly. Currently most of the voice commands only perform simple and easy tasks. But it won’t be long as smartphone users will be able to command their phone to go to specific blog and place comments.



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