Google New Research Shows Global Surge in Smartphone Usage

No doubt Smartphone usage is going to bloom. The question is how fast, how big and when. Check out the blog post title “New research: Global surge in smartphone usage, UK sees biggest jump with 15% increase” from Google Mobile Ads Blog. The research is done by Google and Ipsos with the intention of finding out greater insight into consumer usage of mobile devices. Below are the numbers and figures gathered in January ~ February 2011 and in September ~ October 2011.

Smartphone penetration reached 45% in the UK, 38% in the US and France, 23% in Germany and 17% in Japan.

Germany saw the biggest increase with the percentage of smartphone owners using their device for daily Internet access jumping from 39% to 49%, while Japan had the highest percentage accessing the Internet daily on their smartphone at 88%.  A little over two-thirds of smartphone users in the US and over half of smartphone users in the UK access the mobile Internet daily.

Across all five countries approximately 75% of smartphone owners said they continued to use their computer to access the Internet daily.  

Tablet usage increased across all five countries with the highest penetration amongst the total population in the US at 11%. The rate of tablet usage is even higher amongst smartphone owners – hitting 17% in the US, 11% in Japan and 10% in the UK.

Judging from the numbers, figures and percentages, if you are currently working on mobile site or mobile related products or services, you are definitely on the right business track. Especially if you are focusing on mobile market within countries like US, UK, France, Germany and Japan, mobile users will be stepping into your business soon. The mobile money making opportunities are increasing as the users of mobile devices increases. You have to be well prepared when mobile customers starting to show up in front of your door step. Your mobile site, products and services have to be good enough to be accepted by mobile customers. In order to achieve this, you have to study and research the mobile customers. In other words, understanding the characteristics of mobile customers is a must. The least you have to know what they like, what they need and what they want. Knows the demand of mobile users and supply the need.



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