Google Mobile Advertising Presentation at Mobile World Congress

We have been discussing about mobile market and the potential of making money via smartphone and tablet devices for some time. We also talk about mobile money making opportunities online and the related earning potential within. We see the growing of smartphone users and the increase of tablet devices sales which indicates that a large number of people around the word are going mobile. Statistics and numbers are showing that people are starting to rely on their mobile devices for shopping, surfing, entertaining, traveling and searching for information. We also know that mobile users are more likely to buy products and services through their smartphone and tablet devices. One of the reasons is because of the buying power and another reason which I have in mind is conveniences. It also seems that mobile users actually rely on their smartphone and tablet devices to solve problems and make their daily life easier and better.

Now that you have read a lot of information regarding the benefits of getting into mobile market, check out the presentation by Rikard Steiber and Jason Spero about how to go mobile in 2012 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. If you are an entrepreneur or own a small business, this presentation will introduce your way into mobile marketing.

P/S: Check out the blog post title “Why marketers should love mobile” form Google Mobile Ads Blog for more information.



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