Google Media Solutions Debunking Common Myths

Lately Google has been explaining some of the questions that users have in Google Media Solutions Series. We will be expecting more articles from Google regarding common myths, implementation tips and general Google advertising in the next four weeks. The first couple of article released by Google are about Google Adwords and YouTube.

The first post from Google Media Solution Series is Back to Basics with Google Adwords and Search Marketing. According to the article the use of Google Adwords provide much better results in advertising. Advertiser is able to target specific customers effectively just by spending the affordable budget. Changes and tuning can be done easily and instantly by monitoring conversion tracking or Google Analytics. Advertiser can work on the data and statistic to maximize the results. Although advertiser still can rely on the organic traffic from the search engine but the results are not so obvious. That’s because there isn’t much adjustment or controls can be done to improve the results. As for the worries about invalid clicks or fraud clicks which may cause a great deal of losses to advertisers, Google has three filters to prevent money lost by Google Adwords users. The three filters are detection and filtering techniques, advanced monitoring techniques and manual reviews from Google team. Although the filtering might not be perfect but Google has the best algorithm to make sure that money advertiser spend on Google Adwords is worth it.

The second post from Google Media Solution Series is YouTube – Bring Creative Solutions to Your Clients. Other then Google Adwords basic feature, online video is another media that is capable to reach out to larger group of customers. In other words placing advertisement on YouTube can bring some promising results. Advertisers don’t have to create videos but just target the audiences with display, text or video ads. There are over 420 million unique visitors every month watching video on YouTube. And there are 3500 content partners both professionals and individuals uploading new video every day. Advertisers just have to target specific audiences based on interest, demographic or specific video content with messages or display ads. The conversion result might be greater than you expected.

There will be more tips and guides coming in next week. Please check back later for more information. Although the tips and guides provided might seem basic. Probably most of you might already know it but still I think it will be better to take a look. Sometimes you might just miss out some latest important updates which you might not aware of.



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  1. Dave says:

    My Google SEO and SEM usually back up each other. Sometimes I target keywords that I already appear in top results to appear in sponsor results as well. This series of articles are very good not only for newbies, but as well for professionals.