Google is providing more advertising options for the mobile web?

It seems that Google is pushing harder on mobile advertising market. If you are hoping to pursuit for money making opportunities online, you should consider focusing on mobile related field. This is obvious because the number of mobile users already taking over the number of desktop and laptop users. It is practical to target on the largest group of users. Check out the blog post title “More advertising options for the mobile web” from Google Inside AdSense.

Judging from the attention and changes given by Google, it feels like Google is taking advantage of the current situation and tries to make as much money as possible while they still can. Although we predict smartphone or mobile industry will be the main focus within the coming 5 years, there is no guarantee things won’t change unexpectedly. It is best to earn as much as we can while things are still good. Just look around when you are taking a walk outside. I’m sure you’ll notice that almost everybody have a smartphone in their hands even when they are walking. Especially if you are in the line waiting for your turn, you will notice that people around you are looking at their smartphone while waiting. In most cases most smartphone users are actually watching video clips if they are not texting or making a call. YouTube is the main app when it comes to watching video clips because it usually comes with the smartphone when they bought it. So if you are pursuing for money making opportunities via advertisement on YouTube, I am sure you can imagine how big the market which you are targeting.

If you are just starting to make money online, it is best to focus on mobile related field. That is where the gold is currently.



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