Google introduces reCAPTCHA Android API

The intention of introducing reCAPTCHA Android API is good. It helps to prevent spam and abuse online. We have seen the implementation of such feature years ago and the result is positive. As surfing activities have been moving from personal computer to smartphone, it is crucial to have reCAPTCHA on mobile too. Check out the blog post title “Making the internet safer and faster: Introducing reCAPTCHA Android API” from Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Spam and abuse on mobile will increases follow by the rapid growth of mobile users. It is about time Google introduces reCAPTCHA Android API. Although Google has been improving and updating reCAPTCHA for ten years, there are still much to work on for mobile usage. It must not annoyed and interrupt mobile users while keeping them safe from spam and abuse. Google will have to change the feature to suit mobile users who are mostly using one big single thumb to operate. Perhaps a voice interactive reCAPTCHA can make it easier for mobile users. The improvement and development of mobile reCAPTCHA might turn out into something interesting. Security and safety can be fashionable and amusing if you play out nice. It doesn’t have to be serious and boring.

I suppose everything will be shifting from personal computer to smartphone. Soon we might witness the extinction of personal computer.



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