Google increases your chances to make money on YouTube to 10 thousand total views

In other words, Google has increase the threshold to 10 thousand views in YouTube. That means if you are hoping to make money online via YouTube, you need to get 10 thousand views first. According to YouTube, the move is intended to crack down those trying to make money online via YouTube by re-uploading original or others’ videos. Is it going to work? I think the move won’t stop people from trying, but it will make it more difficult to make money online via YouTube. Does this means we will be seeing less duplicate content or scam videos which trying to trick us watching? I doubt it. People will still keep on trying but will adjust their strategy in order to hit the 10 thousand views threshold.

Are we still able to make money online via YouTube? The answer is yes but it is going to be little bit more difficult than before. If you are hoping to make money online via YouTube for a long period of time, it is best to create your own original content. If you are no careful, Google might terminate your account without notice. And they usually do it when you are trying to withdraw the money.



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