Google in Progress of Preparing for Market within Smart Phone Users

Last year Google introduces a trial for Google Tags which highlight Google Places listing with a yellow tag. According to the blog post title “An Update on Tags” from Google Small Business Blog, Google has decided to end the trial and shift their efforts towards other present and future product offering for local businesses. In other words, there will be no new signups. Google will just be working with existing participating businesses to help them meet their marketing needs.

The Tags trial can be consider a success as Google learned and obtain lots of valuable information. I’m sure we will be seeing lots of new features created in near future catering for smart phone users. No doubt we will be seeing the tags feature again as the trial suggested and proves that businesses and customers accepted this feature. One thing that Google needs to worry is trying to avoid the feature getting misuse by people. In other words, Google has to avoid creating a feature which people has the chance to take advantage on making money with it.

As for entrepreneurs and those who are pursuing money making opportunities online, we should be preparing ourselves for the market targeted smart phone users. Those who are able to catch the waves created by Google new feature might be able to make lots of money in short time. As we notice the increasing number of smart phone users around the world, it won’t be long Google starts to move into this big market.



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