Google in fighting fraud over traffic and ads

I think a lot of people are thinking about how to manipulate Google Algorithm in order to gain traffic or even make money online. It is not a surprise to know that people around the world are actually attempt to break the system in order to make a fortune. Thus this makes Google decided to install lots of filters and check points to safeguard their property. As Google has grown so big, you can imagine how hard and difficult it is to safeguard their creation. It will take high end technology and skills to place a filter into a search engine that covers around the world. Some of the things which Google filter and check includes traffic, ads, bots and programs they think harmful. Check out the blog post title “Booting the bots: New botnet protections across our ads systems” from Google Inside AdWords.

Fake traffic and fraud clicks will crush Google if the company is unable to control and contain the situation. Regardless of how much effort Google puts in, they still can’t filter out 100%. So far Google is doing a very good job. But that’s not going to stop people from keep on trying. It is going to be an endless race just like the virus and antivirus.



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