Google Guidelines of Writing Reviews at Google Places

Google has a section call reviews for places on Google which people can share their opinion and experience of any places in the world. When we search for a location, business or something to eat using Google Map, you’ll find these reviews tag along. Lately Google has updated and clarified the guidelines and policies for writing reviews. I’m sure these guidelines can benefits all who love to write reviews, especially freelancers who are trying to make money writing reviews. According to the article from Google Lat Long Blog title Guidance and Updated Policies for Writing Reviews, the guidelines can help to write thoughtful reviews that are informative and insightful.

I write lots of reviews, especially on products and website related to money making opportunities. I’m always concern about my reviews as I’m living in a multicultural country learning at least 3 different types of languages. Sometimes I kind of worried if my reviews are good enough to understand. Have you ever experienced that although we are both speaking the same language but still unable to understand what is being discussed? That is why I’m constantly tries to improve my skill or writing reviews. Thus I keep on sharing tips and information about writing as I like my readers to learn and benefits too. I suppose we need to tune into the right channel in order to communicate as well.

Basically the guidelines provided by Google are simple. First of all your review has to be informative and insightful. Reviews should be specific and relevant to the place you describe. Reviews can either be positive or negative aspects as long as you keep it real. Choose the words carefully if you’re writing negative aspects or criticism. A respectful review with negative aspects will be nice too. Finally write the reviews thoughtfully from the bottom of your heart with no grammar and spelling errors.

Although the guidelines are simple but it’s straight to the point. I suppose writing reviews can be that simple because we are just transferring our thoughts into words that people can read it again and again. We are just writing a script that readers can feel and imagine what we have experienced. The problem is using words to transfer the exact feelings and experience can be difficult. It actually needs knowledge, skill and lots of practice to master it.

P/S: Applying Google Guidelines of writing reviews can be helpful even though you’re not writing for Google but in your own blog. I’m guessing the guidelines can help improve our Google search engine page rank. Don’t you think?



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2 Responses to “Google Guidelines of Writing Reviews at Google Places”

  1. James says:

    This is very useful articles, I think everybody was waiting for Google guidelines. Probably is not the best place to try to monetize or send traffic, but for sure will help to build trust rank which is very important for internet marketing strategy.

  2. Patric says:

    The place is very useful for marketing, especially if you are in travel industry, some of the results appear in Google SERP and can really help for SEO.