Google Changes My Page Rank from 4 to 0

I was slap by Google again just a few days ago. One of my blogs received a page rank 4 from page rank 2 early January this year. That was the time that Google updated the page rank. After that it was assumed that the next changes will be done some time after 3 month. Well, there are some changes but not after 3 month. The changes have begun and it is just after 1 month. My blog that previously received a page rank 4 has change to page rank 0. I never did expect that to happen so early. It is true that Google change my blog to page rank 0 because of the sponsored post. I did write a lot of sponsored post right after I got a page rank 4. I figure that at least I can enjoy the benefits for 3 month but unfortunately it lasted only 1 month.

Here are some of the assumptions that I came out due to this incident.

  1. Your page rank will reduce if you have sponsored post.
  2. Google page rank update might take place once per month. Page rank algorithms have change.
  3. Takes you more then 3 months to get to page rank 4 but just 1 month to put it to page rank 0.
  4. Business that refers to page rank has to change accordingly, but that will be difficult to set a guide line for bloggers. PayPerPost introduced real rank but still need some time for advertisers and bloggers to accept it.
  5. Page rank 4 does not really generate lots of traffic.

P/S: Just like to share the things that I experience so that you guys have an idea what is happening around.



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41 Responses to “Google Changes My Page Rank from 4 to 0”

  1. Jason says:

    Ah! that sucks. Got to love the big G.

  2. Jay says:

    I keep preaching this, but Google pagerank doesn’t have the same meaning it once had. Matter of fact, I wrote a post on how people are STILL making money blogging with a PR0 and that includes myself.

    But Google Pagerank is overrated…


  3. maan says:

    yeah! you got it right…

    Infusion Software Launches Reseller, Certified Consultant Program.

  4. Mr. Javo says:

    Google hate bloggers…

  5. You just can’t do that anymore – you have to nofollow everything now. I read on this one blog the guy went to PR0 just for blogging about Pay Per Post -he didn’t even have any paid posts….that’s how much google is on the warpath for paid posts right now…

  6. Kumo says:

    That really hurts. Well, I guess I’ll just have to built more traffic to cover the losses from Google.

  7. esvl says:

    I have totally stopped checking pagerank. Mine goes up and down between PR5 and PR0.

  8. Kumo says:

    Sounds like take a ride in a roller coaster. One time you’re at the peak then suddenly you’re at the bottom.

  9. esvl says:

    Maybe we should start a PR0 anonymous help group. 🙂

  10. Kumo says:

    Maybe we should gather all PR0 blog and start a new ranking system. 🙂

  11. esvl says:

    Great idea.

    No really, its a great idea.

  12. esvl says:

    We can all throw in money and see who gets and loses his PR5 the fastest 🙂

  13. Dexter says:

    This might be because of the Do follow movement

  14. madWAHM says:

    Same thing happened to me a few days ago! Only my blog went from a PR3 to a PR2 to a big fat PR0!

    I wasn’t expecting an update so soon after they just did one a month ago.

    I agree, it’s the sponsored posts. I did the same thing and did a bunch of them.

    I decided not to worry about my PR anymore. Instead I’m working on improving my Alexa rank and Izea RealRank. The better your RealRank. I’ve noticed an increase in the number of higher paying opps on payperpost that I’ve been getting since my RealRank is now an 8 (top 20%).

    I’m feelin’ ya!

  15. Sameer says:

    anyway best of luck for future. does google PR rank effect the blogger? i know lots of things after reading yr blog regulary .happy blogging i give u PR 10 ha ha ha

  16. Kumo says:

    Thanks. I think page rank affect everybody, especially those that are trying to make money blogging. Personally, I think all those bloggers that received PR0 will eventually come to one place and find a way to break through page rank. I’m sure there are lots of bloggers are being slapped, including me. When we find a site that can replace Google and the page rank, I’m sure Google will feel the impact.

  17. Louie says:

    I read somewhere that if your pagerank drops due to paid posts and selling text link ads, you can file a motion for reconsideration in Google webmasters page. I don’t know if this will help but it is still worth a try. Worked for the guy who wrote the post though. I just can’t remember his url.

  18. sure you can submit a reconsideration request – once you nofollow every affiliate link on this site and remove every single paid post. Otherwise the request will bomb like a lead balloon.

  19. Kumo says:

    That sounds just like trying to retrieve your Google Adsense account after being banned. I don’t feel that Google is such a nice person.

  20. Entrepreneur says:

    Here’s my angst story with Google Pagerank. And I agree with Datmoney- its overrated. Advertisers are moving away from PR altogether as its too unreliable a metric to use which I think is Google’s way of telling advertisers to stick with them instead of the new people who are taking away their business.

    Slowly, but surely Google is losing its grip. Let’s hope its sooner than later. We don’t need a single company dictating what happens on the web.

  21. Kumo says:

    Well said. totally agreed with you.

  22. BigPappa says:

    Yep, the same thing has happened to me. However since google is such a small part of my traffic, I have had no effect. Everything is continuing to trend upwards with the exception of my alexa rank, due in part from a stumble that went big.

  23. Kumo says:

    The page rank affect my opportunities in PayPerPost. A PR4 blog gets a lot of opportunities.

  24. Goog. PR is wonky. I dropped a point in Jan. and yesterday I was a 3 in my toolbar and in the serps. I even did a PR check to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Now I’m back to 2 today.

    So I say boo to bitch ass page rank. I’m number 1 on Yahoo!

  25. Is Google really complaining about affiliate links that aren’t nofollowed? We have a number of blogs that got kicked down to PR0 and have no paid posts or anything like that.. Just a couple of affiliate links. I never really gave it much thought, but that’s crazy if that’s why we’re being penalized.

  26. Kumo says:

    I think we should just concentrate on getting more traffic.

  27. Daniel says:

    I do sell ads in my site. Mostly banners, and have several ones. Nice.
    When all this about follow no follow, and as I sell my traffic instead of page rank (most of my customers do not even know what it is) I put in every outcoming link, I mean everyone.. a nofollow rel
    Well I was Pr6
    Now 0
    Who can understand it?

  28. Kumo says:

    That must hurt a lot more then me as I only fell from PR4. The higher you are, the harder you fall. I think a lot of bloggers out there experience the same. Just that they fall from different page rank.

  29. Paul Dumas says:

    Page Rank is not as important as once…but it you combine good PR with solid backlinks, I have found that the “Google is pleased” factor increases in multiples. In a sense, each pagerank is a multiple of popularity for backlink calculations. Not exactly, but it appears to work for my site.

  30. Kumo says:

    Yes, that’s true. Backlink is definitely important in getting a good PR. Just that if you did something against Google’s policy, your PR still affected.

  31. Abhilash says:

    Google gave me page rank 4 today and suddenly made it 3 by afternoon.

  32. Kumo says:

    It seems that Google page rank changes frequently this year. Previously the ranking only changes every 3~4 month. Looks like if you go against Google then your ranking will be penalize within 1 month.

  33. John says:

    Well that is really sad for losing PR but that is what Big G is doing to stop people from selling text link in their site.

  34. Kumo says:

    Yup, as long as the big G has no competitors, things are not going to change.

  35. name says:

    hmmm…mb its true ,

  36. Frank says:

    how often does page rank change?


  37. Kumo says:

    The changes should be around 3~4 months once.

  38. David Jenkins says:

    Googles pr updates have been more of a monthly thing lately. In fact just last month their was two updates. I think google is cracking done more on link exchanges and sponsor links. I suggest you focus on content and people will naturally link to you.

  39. Kumo says:

    I suppose we just have to go back to good old fashion of writing good content and updating frequently. Eventually we’ll get good PR.

  40. Arun says:

    mine went from pagerank 4 to 0 overnight…any suggestions how to bring it back??

  41. Kumo says:

    Get rid of selling links, sponsored post and anything that go against Google rules. Probably you’ll get your page rank back after couple of months. At the mean time you just have to keep on posting good quality content. Don’t worry about it. If you’ve been to PR4, then there is a chance to go back.