Google can punish your site if you do not manage your blog comments

Although you cannot control how others comment on your blog, you are able to delete those comments if you think they are inappropriate. You are actually responsible for the comments written on your blog. If any of those comments violate the terms and condition of Google search engine, Google will punish your blog. Check out the blog post title “Manage the risks associated with user comments” from Google Inside AdSense.

If you are using WordPress Plugin Akismet to filter your comments, make sure you check those comments which the filter let through. Some inappropriate comments are still able to get through Akismet. If you feel that it is troublesome to manage comments, you can just shut down the whole comment section of your blog. This is a big decision because it will definitely affect the performance of your blog. Especially if you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities via blogging, this move might hurt your earning if you are not careful.

Remember that inappropriate comments are dangerous because it can destroy your reputation and hurt your brand. Worst case scenario you might even get a lawyer letter. So manage your comment section carefully. Especially when your blog is starting to grow and become popular, some people might try to destroy it and they will begin with your comment section.



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