Google Boost and Google Places with Hotpot for iPhone

As more people are using smart phone like iPhone, BlackBerry and HTC, surfing online using the small screen has become popular. It’s not a surprise that Google is stretching their hands towards the online world of smart phone.

One of the features available is Google Places with Hotpot for iPhone. Places with Hotpot helps to locate best place to go around your location by personalizing your search results. Another feature is Google Boost which is a new advertising solution that can help local businesses connect with customers nearby. The first feature is trying to attract as many users as possible and the second feature create money making opportunities either for Google or publishers. The question is how we make use of these features to create money making opportunities within the smart phone world.

The first basic information you need to look into is smart phone usage trend. That means what are the things people usually do and look for when going online using smart phone. Other than Google Search engine, Google Maps received lots of access too. Basically people look for places nearby their location for services, products and food. That means if you’re running a small business locally, Google Boost can be an option of your advertising campaign other than the local newspapers. But still it depends on the nature of your business and your targeted customers. Normally businesses related to high tech gadgets such as smart phone, computers or restaurant are much more suitable. I think there are still a lot of possibility and money making potential within smart phone community. As I’m more towards making money blogging, I need to modify my blog to fit in the small screen of smart phone.



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2 Responses to “Google Boost and Google Places with Hotpot for iPhone”

  1. online marketing Manchester says:

    Very informative. Google is constantly trying to give advertisers and business owners to reach their target audience easily.

  2. Jenny says:

    To be honest I was not aware of this new options. I rarely use paid advertising, but not long ago, I have started with ads for mobile marketing.