Google apps will deliver or receive your message when connection resumes

Have you ever experience connection lost while using your smartphone to surf online? The blank page with an icon keeps on making circle around and around without end. When the connection is back, the page continues to load again. If you are using Google apps, Google will resume your request and deliver results as soon as connection is available. If the period of connection lost is short, users might not notice the delay. Users might just think that it probably takes more time to load the page. Next time when the page or site takes a long time to load, put it aside and continue on with other daily tasks. You can check back the page or site later as Google apps will work behind the scene and complete the loading later.

This is actually a very useful feature because users don’t have to wait for it. I think we call this multitasking via smartphone. Just make sure that you remember the tasks. Although it is said that this feature won’t drain your battery or drain your data usage, it is best not to run too many tasks at once. Check out the blog post title “Don’t let a spotty connection stop you from searching” from Google Search.



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