Google Adsense Resolution and Improvement for 2012

Google has been implementing lots of changes since last year. But still the resolution and improvement done is just the beginning. Publishers, advertisers and users will be expecting lots of changes in 2012 this year. Google has been collecting lots of feedbacks from surveys and comments in order to upgrade their services for better user experience. According to the blog post title “2012: Our resolutions to improve Adsense for you” from Google Inside Adsense Blog, Google will be focusing on three main areas. The three main areas are Adsense Program Policies, Adsense Support and Communication from Adsense.

It is good to hear that Google is trying to improve and make necessary steps to make things better for Publishers, Advertisers and users. The big question is how Google draws the line between Publishers, Advertisers and users while making profits. Obviously Google cannot make everybody happy. But for sure Google will be putting their benefits and earning up front first before anything. So for any changes, upgrade and improvement done by Google, Publishers and Advertisers have to read and study the reason and intention hidden within. We cannot oppose Google, but we can try to play by the rules and try not to get burn.

P/S: We have to be alert and sensitive towards the changes done by Google. If we are not careful, earning will be reduce due to search ranking drop. In worst case scenario, your Google Adsense account might be ban for not following the latest changes of their rules and regulation. Take a look at the high impact search quires for your blog or site. You can see that changes are already begun.



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