Google Adsense Optimization Checklist to Help Increase Your Money Making Opportunities Online

Google Adsense has sum up 12 important points on how publishers can increase their Google Adsense earnings. Although the optimization checklist is simple and mostly familiar stuff which publishers often discussed, it is still very helpful especially for those who are just at the beginning stage of using Google Adsense. You may check out couple of blog post title “Your optimization checklist, Part 1” and “Your optimization checklist, part 2” from Google Inside Adsense blog. The 12 important points introduced from couple of blog post are as below:

  1. Increase ad coverage
  2. Use recommended ad sizes
  3. Show both text and image ads
  4. Experiment with ad color combination
  5. Ensure optimal ad placement
  6. Add a search box
  7. Ensure your site has a positive user experience
  8. Make your first ad unit count
  9. Fix crawler errors
  10. Go mobile
  11. Create a Google+ page to connect with your users
  12. Use DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) Small Business

If you follow the instruction given, it is actually very easy to apply. Just put in a little bit of extra effort and you will be able to complete all the above easily. The biggest problem that you will be facing is getting enough traffic to make some decent income online. When we are talking about traffic, it is basically the amount of people visited your website or blog daily. This is the most difficult task for most publishers who are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online. The 12 points suggested above will help increase earnings when only you have a huge amount of traffic. At the end of the day, getting lots of traffic is still the priority. And you can do that by creating good quality and useful content. You can still practice and learn up all the above 12 points while trying to gather traffic. Although it won’t be much useful or effective without having huge amount of traffic, you still have to learn up and be prepared.



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