Google Adsense Money Making Opportunities and The Invalid Clicks

When it comes to Google Adsense money making opportunities online, the issue of invalid clicks is always a big problem for publishers. There is possibility that Google might terminate publisher’s account depending on the action taken by publisher in dealing with invalid clicks. Even though the invalid clicks are not done by the publisher but by third party who tries to sabotage the account, it is the responsibility of publisher to reduce or stop the damage. Check out the blog post title “Top 5 things you should know about invalid clicks” from Google Inside Adsense Blog. This is one important topic that publisher should take note in order to prevent from getting ban by Google Adsense.

Basically the top 5 things publishers should take note are:

  1. Monitor ads activities and traffic. Try to take necessary precaution steps to prevent your site from receiving invalid activity.
  2. Help protect advertisers by disabling Google Adsense accounts temporally.
  3. Google has a team that uses specialized tools and techniques to examine individual instances of invalid clicks. Plus there is an automated click protection technique.
  4. Google is constantly improving the detection systems to identify patterns of sabotage.
  5. Contact Google Adsense when you feel that your account was wrongfully disabled.

P/S: I think the most important things when dealing with invalid clicks is to stop the money from keep on generating. At the end of the day, it is all about money. It is better to pull the plug and stop making money via Google Adsense if you suspect there are invalid clicks activities. You might lose your Google Adsense account if you let the clicks continue on and hoping that Google will solve the invalid clicks activities for you. Things can become complicated when you let Google figure out the invalid clicks and disable your account. It is always better to make the first move by informing Google regarding irregular activities of invalid clicks.



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