Google Adsense Loading Speed and Money Making Opportunities

Site loading speed is one of the major issues when working on money making opportunities blog or website. We have to make sure everything we put on our blog or website does not causing any slowdown or delay. This includes every form of advertisement. Sometimes it’s not the HTML code of the advertising company which causing the problem but actually the uploads of a particular advertiser. Although it is the responsibility of the advertising company to filter the advertisements and make sure fast loading advertising materials are used, but still it might not be full prove. As for the world number one online advertising company Google, they seem to be very serious about the issue regarding advertising materials which might affect the uploading speed of sties. Check out the blog post “Making the web faster for all Adsense for content publishers” from Google Inside Adsense Blog as Google announces a major boost in speed for Adsense publishers worldwide. According to the blog post, Google Adsense detected an average of 12% increase of time it took to load after sites implementing Google Adsense ads. Thus Google Adsense has developed a new ads delivery technique to improve the speed of sites which display Google Adsense ads. Good thing is that publishers are not required to do any changes or updates.

It is good that Google Adsense is able to counter the slow uploading issue fast. A slow uploading site definitely will affect the money making opportunities and reduces the potential earning. I still can accept the ads appeared slow but faster than the page content. At least viewers can look at the advertisement while waiting for the page to load. If the page content appeared faster than the ads, viewers might just move on without realizing the existence of the ads.



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One Response to “Google Adsense Loading Speed and Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Jason says:

    Adsense doesn’t slow the website much, even it is javascript code. However, compressing javascript and putting static files on CDN is a good idea, as website speed is critical, not only for rankings, but also reduce bounce rate.