Google Adsense is still the best money making opportunities online

Google Adsense is still the best money making opportunities online. Why do I say so? According to blog post title “Google Control Nearly Half of Online Ad Space” from PCMAG, Google nabbed 44.1% of the worldwide online ad share in 2010. Although there are still few more days left in 2011, Google is expected to gain few more percentage in worldwide online share compare to year 2010. Judging by the numbers and percentage, no doubt Google will be making lots of money from online advertising. And publishers are the one who help Google top the market. When publishers make money, Google makes money. Thus you can be sure that Google is doing everything they can to help publishers make money. This is why over the year we are witnessing many changes and improvement done by Google. There are over 500 testing, upgrades and improvement within Google search engine algorithm. Lots of new features have been introduced, especially the Google + project. We also saw lots of upgrades and improvement of new interface at Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Blogger and Youtube. All the above are done so that publishers and users are able to make use of Google features effectively. As a Google Adsense publisher, you just have to focus on creating good quality content. Once you are able to build your blog or website with lots of good quality content, it is just a matter of time you start making money.



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