Google AdSense is introducing AdSense Native Ads?

According to the latest blog post title “Introducing AdSense Native ads” from Google Inside AdSense, the new AdSense Native ads is a suite of ad formats designed to match the look and feel of your site. Huh? Isn’t Google AdSense ads supposed to be working this way from the beginning? Are you saying that before this, the ads formats are not design to match the look and feel of our site? I really thought that Google AdSense ads are constantly improving to provide great user experience, great look and feel across different screen sizes and ease of use. My first impression and feeling can be explained with below example. It is the same as walking into a restaurant and the chef told me that he is going to cook something which I can eat for my meal. Huh? It’s that obvious? Nobody is going to order something which they cannot eat.

Honestly, I think Google is just trying to sell the basic obvious stuff again and again. The ingredient is the same but repacking in a different way. Give it a different name or title and sell it as a new stuff. So what’s next? My guess is Google will call it a different name or title again when launching a new update or improvement of their ads. Does this remind you of some other popular expensive brands like iPhone and Microsoft Windows? You might not like it but the method actually works.



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