Google AdSense is giving more control over the ads serve

According to the blog post title “More control over the ads you serve on your site(s)” from Google Inside AdSense, publishers are given more controls to opt-in or filter out certain categories of ads. In other words, publishers will be in charge of the ads display. Is this really a good idea? Well, personally I rather have Google AdSense handles everything so that I can focus on creating good quality content. As long as Google AdSense is able to make money online, I’m pretty much satisfied with all the decision made by Google AdSense.

Honestly speaking I do not have the time to tune the ads. I really appreciate if Google AdSense can help handles everything related to ads so that publishers can have more time building site. It is not a good sign if publishers putting too much time tuning Google AdSense ads hoping for better revenue. You want publishers to work on content and building better site, not trying to figure out the best way to maximize revenue. I just hope that Google won’t destroy publishers by giving out too many controls.

Help publisher save time and energy. Our intention of using Google AdSense is to make money online. Please don’t make it a fun park and give us all the controls which have no guarantee of increasing revenue.



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