Google Adsense Introduces the New Adsense Mobile Interface

Google Adsense announces the new beta Adsense interface optimized for mobile devices in their latest blog post “Introducing the new Adsense mobile interface”. Publisher will be shown a simpler and faster version of Adsense using mobile browser. It is good that Google has started to build their website and apps to suit mobile phone. No doubt the future market is there and it’s a must to exploit it.

There is nothing special about the new beta Adsense interface optimized for mobile devices. It’s just simple news announcing the launched. My main focus is the picture of the smart phone with Google Adsense earning display. You definitely need to check out the picture from the blog post. Pay attention as the most eyes popping things are the earning figure. That is the kind of earning figure that every publishers dream of, including me.

P/S: The picture with Google Adsense earning on mobile display is a good motivation. Although I’m not sure if it’s an actual earning figure, but I’m sure some publishers do have that kind of earning. I like to copy and paste the picture in this blog but I think that will not be appropriate. Guess you just have to check out the picture thought the link above.



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