Google Adsense Guidelines for monetizing Flash gaming sites

One of the best and fun ways to make money online is by blogging or working on gaming related topic. As we are currently moving from desktop or laptop to tablet and smartphone devices, flash game seems to be one of the biggest attractions for users. If you own a tablet or smartphone, I’m sure you’ll understand how flash games are played using these devices. There will be lots of tapping, pressing, scrolling, flicking and pinching when it comes to playing flash game on a multi touch screen. If you are planning to embed some flash game into your blog or website, be sure to check out Google Adsense guidelines because accidental or invalid click activity is not welcome. It is good to embed some flash games on your blog or website as readers might come back again and again just for the game. But if you place Google Adsense too close to the flash game, it might increases the number of invalid click. So what is the best place or distance to place your Google Adsense ads? According to Google Adsense guidelines, the distance between the ads and the edge of the flash game must be at least 150 pixels. The picture below is taken from the Google Adsense guideline which shows a good example on how publisher should place their ads.
Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 7.28.13 AM
If we think about the guidelines provided by Google Adsense, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand the definition of invalid clicks. These clicks are actually meant for potential customers, clients or users. Advertisers are paying Google Adsense to bring in potential customers. If this main purpose is not met and advertisers can not generate income, Google won’t be making any money to pay publishers. So if your blog or website is able to help advertisers bring in revenue by introducing potential customers via Google Adsense clicks, I’m sure Google Adsense will be rewarding you a lot.



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