Google AdSense getting into the market of Urdu language

It is actually a good sign to have another language in Google AdSense. At least website and blogs with Urdu language can insert Google AdSense to make some money online. The real question which most publishers are concern is how big is the market in Urdu language? If a publisher who tries to decide having English language or Urdu language for their site, how do they decide? Obviously English language will be chosen if the purpose is to make money online. The international language will have a greater advantage in taping into global market. The chances of making money online are greater as people around the world who understands English are able to check out your site. Check out the blog post tile “AdSense now understands Urdu” from Google Inside AdSense.

If your website or blog is created in Urdu language and is not mainly for earning online, you can consider Google AdSense as another alternative money making opportunity to generate some income to cover the cost of server hosting for your blog or site. The earning will not be as great as English language but at least there is a chance to earning some money. It is actually a simple logic. Why do I think an English language website or blog has a greater chance in making money from Google AdSense? It is simply because there are a lot of advertisers in English language. Thus if you are hoping to make money from Google AdSense in Urdu language, first you need a lot of advertisers in Urdu language.



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