Google Adsense Forum and Money Making Opportunities

Google Inside Adsense Blog posted about Google Adsense forum which I think interesting to discuss. Google Adsense forum basically is a community site where publishers, advertisers, Google employees and Google Adsense experts gather together and discuss topics related to Google Adsense. It’s a place where you’ll find lots of helps and tips regarding Google Adsense.

If you’re a Google Adsense publisher, Google Adsense forum is a place that you need to check out. There is lots of information that you need to know before you’re hit with Google Adsense warning letters. Consider it as precaution steps that you need to do to save your Google Adsense account. According to one of the most popular discussions in Google Adsense forum, publishers need to take initiative to stop the money from flowing in when fraud clicks occurs. It’s the honest action that proves publisher willing to take necessary steps to counter fraud clicks helps prevent account from being banned. If publisher does not report the situation and wait until Google Adsense team finds out, things might be complicated then. You may check out the discussion in Google Adsense forum for more detail information. Although the discussion is a bit long as it’s actually a conversation but you’ll find valuable information within.

From the Google Adsense forum, you’ll find that most publishers’ main concern is trying to avoid getting account banned. This can be seen from the top 2 discussion categories which are “my account” and ”Adsense Basics and Policies”. Both categories have the most discussions which close to 20 thousand discussions each. The third category with the most discussion is “Adding Adsense to my Site”. Base on the above information publishers try to prevent from getting Adsense account banned before learning to make money with Google Adsense. As you go though Google Adsense forum, you’ll also find that many people actually still cannot escape from getting their Google Adsense account banned. This is the facts that we as a publisher needs to know. When you’re having trouble with Google Adsense account, you’ll be coming back to this forum for help. Making money from Google Adsense is one of the biggest money making opportunities available online. It will be better to takes the steps to prevent from getting banned from Google Adsense.

P/S: If you participate and contribute a lot in Google Adsense Forum, you might be invited to become one of the Top Contributors.



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  1. Patric says:

    I’ve got few friend that are very experienced with SEO and smart Adsense placement. They are making few thousands with Adsense every month trying to target the highest paying keywords.