Google Adsense Explains eCPM or Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions

Apart of working with Google Adsense money making opportunities, we have to understand the terms and plans provided by Google Adsense. This is a basic concept we need to follow in order to maximize profit as a Google Adsense publisher. I know there are lots of things we need to study and learn about Google Adsense but still this is something we cannot neglect if we are seriously into money making opportunities. You can take it slow and learn one thing at a time about Google Adsense but you cannot refuse to learn. One of the basic requirements of becoming success in making money online is never stop learning about anything, especially about things related to Google Adsense.

Lately Google Adsense introduces eCPM or effective cost per thousand impression in the blog post title “Understanding your eCPM (effective cost per thousand impression): Part 1 of 2” at Google Inside Adsense Blog. This is a two part blog post with a video include in each blog post to explain and talks about eCPM. Although it is a brief explanation about eCPM but still it triggers publishers to think about the information we can get and the action we can do to increase Google Adsense earnings. Once publishers are able to read and evaluate the data and statistic given, we can pin point the areas which need improvement. Next publishers need to consider the method or action which can be done to alter the results. As explain by the example provided in the blog post, publisher has no control over CPC or cost per click. But publisher can increase the amount of traffic and alter the source of the traffic. Publisher can also improve CTR or Click through Rate by placing the ads at the right location and blend the ads in terms of color and the size. The adjustment can be done according to the results of eCPM.

Although the blog post presented short simple information but each piece of information might leads to a slight increase of revenue if you can make use of the information. Besides, a short video clip of information which does not take up more than five minutes can be absorbed faster and easier to understand. Plus, the effects are much better than watching an hour long video. Also most people might skip the rest of the video after watching it for few minutes. In fact some might not even start watching it if the video is too long.



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