Google Adsense Explaining Ad Auction to Help Maximizing Money Making

The question of maximizing money making with Google Adsense is one of the popular questions asked by publishers. Another popular question is “How to maintain the amount of money make with Google Adsense?” In the latest article at Google Inside Adsense Blog title “Insight into your earnings part 1: Explaining the ad auction”, publishers will find some tips to overcome these problems.

Publishers will be brief about ad auction. You will be shown how ads are targeted, priced and translated into money you receive. There is a video in the article presented by Hal Varian, the Chief Economist at Google to explain how ad auction works.

As for the actions that publishers can take for maximizing money making, the article also have some tips which you can try out.

  • Creates high quality content and monitor using Google Analytics to keep track of which content is making most money.
  • Use popular advertiser formats such as 300×250 medium rectangles.
  • Make use of the channels to help advertisers identify and target premium ads location on pages.
  • Find the best ads location but avoid accidental clicks.
  • Claim your sites at Ad Planner to increase visibility for advertisers.

All the above tips and guides mention are very general and common. I think most of the publishers know and understand well. The only way to really capture this money making opportunities are to be creative and come out with ideas which is different from other publishers. The above tips and guides are considered actions publishers must do because almost everybody is applying it. In order to keep up with the game and competition, publishers must apply all the tips above and include own idea.

The above tips and guides apply only if your blog or website contains useful content which readers interested. If you place yourself in advertisers’ position, you’ll understand what kind of blog or website you’ll choose to place your advertisement. Another way to make sure that you won’t get any high and low of money making experience is to create more than just one blog or website. I suppose 5 to 10 blogs or websites will be good to maintain stable revenue.

P/S: All the tips and guides mention are useful ways to reduce low revenue and hopefully maintain maximum income. Still there is no absolute guarantee as it’s all depends on the market. One thing for sure, if you don’t place all the eggs in one basket, you’ll survive.



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