Google Adsense and Unoriginal Content

According to the latest post “Adsense Facts & Fiction Part V: Unoriginal content” form Google Inside Adsense Blog, it is very clear that Google Adsense is against auto-generated pages or unoriginal content. But still we continue to see lots of blogs and websites with unauthorized content trying to make money with Google Adsense. We also have seen lots of automatic generated content pages which people can easily setup using software. If you do a quick search online, you’ll discover lots of automatic generated content software or automatic blogging software sold online. If you do a search on popular forums regarding automatic blogging software, you’ll find that many people are claiming they make lots of money using automatic blogging software or automatic content generating software. Honestly, I really doubt we can actually make money using this method. You may earn some money at the beginning but it won’t be a long until Google Adsense shuts you down. In fact I actually believe it’s just a method people use to sell the software. It’s actually very attractive if customers believe that automatic blogging software or automatic content generating software is able to help make lots of money.

It is good to hear that Google Adsense does not allow sites with auto-generated content or unoriginal content to participate in the Adsense program. But still I was hoping that Google Adsense can take more serious action towards those who are taking advantages on this. People will not stop unless they are being threatened with serious consequences which they cannot afford. In the other hand, Google Adsense should reward those who spend lots of time and effort creating original content. Although some publishers might not be able to create a very good quality content but as long as it is own original content, Google Adsense should give an encouraging or motivating helping hand. In this case the best rewards will be money. I think publishers should be given an impression that creating good quality own content equals money making opportunities.



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  1. Marco says:

    but the question is what is unoriginal content…if I just take the first three or four sentences of a news as a teaser und put a link to the source below, I think that is an additional benefit for users, becuause otherwise it could be that they never would find that newson the internet.