Google Adsense 3 Parts Deeper Targetable Custom URL channels

Google Adsense just releases the final part of the brief explanation on setting up channels. The blog post title “A deeper look at channels” has 3 parts. They are part 1 URL Channels, Part 2 Custom Channels and Part 3 Targetable Channels. All 3 blog posts include video showcasing best practices for setting up channels within Google Adsense account. The first part title A Deeper look at channels: URL channels which presented by Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo talks about using URL channels to help tracked revenue on specific URL or domain. Take for example I may track my revenue on specific post or instead of just The second part title A deeper look at channels: Custom channels which presented by Boyar Naito talks about setting up custom channels to track the performance of specific ads. Take for example I may track Adsense Big Rectangle Text 336 width x 280 height ads or Adsense Button text 125 width x 125 height ads that I used in my blog separately. The third part title A deeper look at channels: Targetable channels which presented by Laurence Moore talks about how advertisers can target your blog through contextual and placement targeting. That means the information that you put up and collected through channels can be used to attract advertisers. All the videos clearly show the way to setup the channels. If you’re planning to track your ads then you should watch the videos.

Honestly I think all of the above matters only if your blog received lot of traffic. You might just consider tracking your ads unit to figure out a way to maximize your profits using Google Adsense. But again when your blog received huge amount of traffic, Google Adsense might not be the only way to make money. There are lots of ways to make money online once you have the traffic. Just check out those famous blogs with lots of traffic, how many of them are still using Google Adsense? I suppose you can see that clearly by just checking out their blogs.

P/S: If Google is able to track fraud clicks and link purchases, I think Google has all the data of our ads performance. I’m guessing Google only shows us part of the data and only when we request it by using the channels.



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  1. Hi Kumo, I wanted to let you know that I had put out a call to anyone who wanted to do a guest post for me about just this subject “google’s Channels”. I’ve heard from a few people but they weren’t really into the channel part of the guest post…more about their blog. That’s okay now that I’ve found your post you offer a lot of information and a place to get even more info. I’m really interested in learning more about channels, every time I go into my acct. I’m tempted whether or not I have the right items checked off, and working to “my” best advantage. I have a fear of touching anything in there but have a feeling I could be missing out on something. Thanks so much for this great information and the sources that you have given!! Great job!!!I’ve got to go & watch 3 videos. he he thanks jj