Google Ads Good for Offline Money Making Opportunities too

Do online search campaigns lead to in-store sales? This is the question that I get when I check out Google Small Business Blog with post title “Think with Google: Search Ads Affect Offline Sales, too” No doubt the answer will be yes and there are lots of examples to prove the answer. Plus there is a nice video clip created by Google just to explain it, which you can find it in the blog post. But still the best way to convince yourself that Google search ads works for offline money making opportunities is to just try it out. There is absolute no reason to pass this on without trying it out. Besides it doesn’t cost much to advertise at Google. A budget of couple hundred dollars per month is just enough to prove that it works. You can either learn Google Adwords and experiment it yourself or hire an expert to market your products online. Just try it out for few months and you’ll see the results. Although I would recommended that you learned and doing it yourself as it actually does not take much of your time. Everything just needs to setup once and you’re good to go. Once you have the knowledge and know how Google play the game, then hire somebody else to do the work.

Honestly, I think online advertising works much better and cheaper because customers are targeted. It’s all about getting the news or information to the customers who needed. You just have to find the best way to do it.



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One Response to “Google Ads Good for Offline Money Making Opportunities too”

  1. Market Guru says:

    Google Ads is always good for Offline Sales, But you should customize the Ads for local country traffic only.