Good Quality Content Alone Can be Very Boring

In order to make money online successfully via blogging, it is a must to create good quality content. This is the best way to gain organic traffic with the help of Google search engine. What is the definition of good quality content? What is consider as good quality content by the definition of Google search engine? We can do a search online and check out Google’s rules and regulation as the answer will be there. Generally good quality content can define as unique information, data, experience, facts and knowledge. So does that means Wikipedia has the most unique good quality content? Well, it is true given the fact that Wikipedia has a page rank 9.

Wikipedia has a top page rank 9 and receive huge amount of organic traffic from Google search engine. But do readers like to read through Wikipedia and hang out at the site? Honestly, I think Wikipedia is a very boring site. I will only check out Wikipedia for the knowledge and information only. It is just like the book of encyclopedia. You won’t find a single voice or opinion of human being in it.

In order to obtain higher page rank, can we try making our blog or site just like Wikipedia? Honestly, I think you might gain a higher page rank and obtain more organic traffic but it might not help in making money online. The reason is because it lacks loyal human readers and online community. Remember that a book is popular because of its content which able to connect with readers. That goes the same with blogs and websites. When content of facts, data or knowledge is created, we must include our personal opinion or views within. The content must be able to connect with readers via experience and daily activity. In other words, if we are able to make readers feel “there is someone out there sharing the same thoughts, feelings or opinion with us” then we might have some loyal readers.

Remember that there will always be some other blogs or websites that able to create far better unique content than you. So why do readers choose to visit and stay with your blog or site? Sometimes it is just because some readers like the way you write or blog. When people like or love the way you blog or write, they all always come and check out your blog or site regardless of the content. You don’t have to provide firsthand information or unique content. Most of the time readers just want to know what you have to say about it only.



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