Give them a good reason to help you pursuit for money making opportunities

Bloggers who make money online successfully usually are busy. It is not a surprise if they refuse or couldn’t help others. Especially if you are asking questions often, they might not attend to you always. I don’t blame them because I too will feel annoyed sometimes when I’m busy. If you really hope that they will give you a helping hand, you need to give something in return. Make them feel that it is part of their work to help instead of just a plain simple voluntary charity activity. In other words, they need to see that they are actually helping themselves when they help you. So the question is what you can give in return when you are just starting to pursuit for money making opportunities online. The best thing which you can offer is traffic. Even if you are new and just starting to make money online, I’m sure you have at least few hundred friends in your Facebook. All you need to do is mention or introduce those bloggers who are willing to give a helping hand to your friends in Facebook. You may also share a link and ask your friends to give a like. Do not underestimate this small simple step because it might create a chain reaction which brings in a lot of traffic. This is by far the best thing that you can do for those bloggers who are willing to help you. They will be very happy as long as you help to introduce their blog or website to your online network.



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