Getting to know how Google target users can help increase money making opportunities online

How does Google make money online? Well, basically advertisers are paying a huge amount of money to Google to help target the right suitable customers in order to generate sales. Judging by the growth of the company, it seems that the search engine company is doing a good job. The world number one search engine company has been successfully bringing in the right customers to many companies around the world. If you happen to try out Google AdWords to generate sales for your product, I think you’ll get the idea on how effective it is to generate sales.

So how does this helps to increase money making opportunities online? Well, Google is the largest search engine in the world and you really need help from this search engine to generate traffic to your site. Understanding how Google targets users online can be useful when you are trying to build and create your site. This leads to another question of whether or not to blog towards search engine or readers. Blogging towards search engine can help increase traffic fast but you need to keep up with the constant changing of search algorithm. Blogging towards readers takes time to generate traffic because search engine might not rank your site high enough to help bring in traffic. Without traffic you basically lose most of the money making opportunities online. The best way to attract traffic is to structure your website or blog that favors Google search engine and write towards readers. You can actually take a balance on both sides. You just have to learn how to manage it.

Previously I touch a little bit about how Google helps advertisers target users online. Affinity audiences, custom affinity audiences and in-market audiences are basically 3 types of targeted users by Google. In order to generate traffic with the help of Google search engine, you need to construct your blog or website to target either one of the audiences mention above. Google search engine will be interested in your blog or website if you are able to gather a large group of readers with concentrated audience type. In other words you are actually baiting Google search engine with the type of audiences they desire.

If you are hoping to target affinity audiences, your blog or website requires reaching TV-like segments at scale to drive brand awareness. Take for example if you are interested in smartphone, you can create a blog or website introducing latest design and newly launch smartphone products. You will be focusing on building a group of users or readers interested in keep up with the latest development of smartphone products. This is a simple and common style of blog or website because you are basically discussing and keeping up with the latest news on certain topic.

If you are hoping to target custom affinity audience, you need to find niche segments that you custom-tailor for your brand. Again take the same example like the above about smartphone. The blog or website that you created will be focus in depth on each and every smartphone design. That means you need to write details description, opinions and reviews about smartphone products like iPhone, Samsung and Xiaomi. It’s more like a fan introducing and discussing about the favorite football team.

If you are hoping to target in-market audiences, you need to help users or readers decide or choose the best product. Again take the same example like the above about smartphone. The blog or website constructed will need to focus on how to choose the best smartphone according to budget, usability and reliability. The groups of users that you want to target and attract are those looking to find a smartphone but have no idea how and which to choose.

You can target all 3 audiences under one blog or website. You just have to categorize each post or page carefully. It is all depends on the way you write and construct your site.



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